Teen Council Wants to Build a Snowman

19 Jan
Teen Council Wants to Build a Snowman

The Teen Council gathered together in December for a fun afternoon of Christmas activities.

First the teens devoured food of summer sausage with cheese and crackers, brownies and a various sodas.

Then the teens split up in two groups to make snowmen out of toilet paper.

Yes, you read that right. Snowmen out of TOILET PAPER.

And how would they do this? By finding someone who will let you decorate them with toilet paper, of course.

Teen Council 2014-15 015

The teens were in two separate sides of the library. It didn’t stop them from sending “spies” to see what the other group was doing.

Teen Council 2014-15 024

The judging was going to be tough, we could tell that early on.

Teen Council 2014-15 020

In the end, we had Miss Nan decided. There was just really no way that Miss Alicia and Miss Denise wanted to get in the middle of this.

The winner was chosen.

Teen Council 2014-15 022

But the second place group only lost by a smidgen. (Thanks to their special snowman who stepped up when none of the teens were keen on volunteering.)

Teen Council 2014-15 029

After the snowmen fun (couldn’t you just wait a few minutes to get pictures of the snowmen together? I mean, come on, gang! Let’s think in terms of “bloggable material” here.), the teens started a rowdy game of Christmas Carol Pictionary.

Teen Council 2014-15 033

For a lot of them, this was their first time playing Pictionary and it was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

Teen Council 2014-15 036

A great time was had by us all. If you would like to be on our email list for upcoming events, leave us a comment on this post!

We will be meeting again on Monday, January 26th at 3pm. See you then!

(And don’t forget your football pics!)

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