Books! We Need Books for our #BookSale!

11 Mar

Twice a year the library gets overtaken by books.


I know that sounds odd since we are a library and all, but that’s the best way to describe it.  Easter Weekend we will be having our spring book sale.

Or will we?

This is the least amount of books that we can recall having for a book sale.  We usually are telling people, “Yes, we can take your books” and mentally trying to figure out where on earth we could possibly put any more books.  But this year we have enough books to half fill a corner.

That’s it.

And Easter is a’comin’, folks!


This winter has been cold.  It’s been long.  It’s been really cold.  Perhaps instead of visiting us, you just Amazon Primed books to your doorstep.  And perhaps now you have piles of books and no more shelf space to put them.  Bring them here!

We go though the book donations first to see if there are any books that the library needs and then all other books go to the Friends of the Library who then set up the Book Sale.

But this is not your average Book Sale.  It is also a BAKE sale.


Seriously, this book sale just got delicious.

Martin has quite the talent at making scrumptious baked goods so you can walk in, buy hardcover books for $1, soft cover for .50 cents and leave with a plate or two of goodies to enjoy while you read your new book treasures.

It’s an amazing pairing.


All the money from the book sale goes right to the Friends of the Library who then use it to help us purchase Summer Reading Program things we need like prizes and special guest fees.  Or it goes to purchase things in the library not necessarily in the budget but needed.  It has a myriad of uses!

So please help us out!  Check your shelves and donate to the library!

Then come back on Easter Weekend to buy new books to donate at our next book sale. 🙂

A reading community thanks you!


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