Library Construction Update

01 Jun

As many of you are aware, on Tuesday, April 28th there was an accident at the library.  An individual lost control of their vehicle and crashed into the library very late in the night.  No one was hurt.

The library was hurt, however.

It sort of had a major gash.



Amazingly, the historical display case was not harmed nor were any of the photos or old books we keep shelved in the back.



The table survived, but not all the chairs.


The couch was demolished.

DSCN1806 - Copy

There was glass and brick throughout the front of the library.

DSCN1815 - Copy

The sign posts out front were splintered but the sign is still with us, although it is looking rather rough.


Because the library is run by the township, the township is taking care of all the insurance and construction whatnots.  Those what nots are a lot of work!  We do not know when new construction will begin on fixing the library.


Not having the front room does pose a bit of an issue as we come up on our Summer Reading Program.  Some programs we were in the works of had to be scrapped and we had to get really creative really fast for our teen council that meets every Monday in the front room during the summer.  The writer’s group has been floating about – but really, we have given them great writing material from all this!


We just wanted to give you an update on the front room.  The update is basically this – WE HAVE NO IDEA.  But you knowing we don’t know helps you to understand where we are as well!

We will be keeping you updated when construction does begin and we plan on taking pictures when that does happen.  But as for the library, it is work as usual and we are happy to help our patrons with all their book needs.

Be sure to check in often as we prepare for our Summer Reading Program – Every Hero Has A Story – this mid June.

June!  How is it June already?


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