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The Race for Paris

The Race for Paris

We had Book Club on Monday and it was seriously some of the best food we have had in quite awhile.  It was SO good and we were so excited about it that we totally forgot to take any before photos.  We did take a quick photo before the food was all gone but after we had already been eating.

There were some requests for the zucchini bread recipe (you can see it on the table next to the bread) and you can print it off HERE.  (Note: the zucchini can be substituted for bananas if you want to use it for banana bread.)


What you see is fresh melon from the garden, fresh baked Zucchini bread, pasta salad, crackers and cheese and Julie’s famous blueberry coffee cake.  We also had Downton Hot Tea and Panera blend coffee.

No one really wanted to get their photo taken while eating so we just skipped a group photo for that day.  So we will just keep recycling our summer reading kick off photo because that one turned out so well and we can keep rocking that one for as long as we want.

bookclub 16

Our book club book was House Calls and Hitching Posts which was a nonfiction book about an Amish doctor and his patients.  The famous line of the book was something along the lines of “You can learn something from everyone”.

The reviews of the book were mixed.  Some people really liked the book.  Some suffered through.  Some began the book and decided not to read it.

The one thing we all agreed on was we love veggie straws.


Have you heard of Veggie Straws?  We hadn’t but Naomi brought them assuring us that Amish always have Veggie Straws at potlucks and we could not keep eating them.  She finds them at Costco but they can be found at Walmart  as well as Meijer and,Amazon pantry has them as well.

We gave up even trying to pretend we could stop eating them and just put them on the table with us.  VEGGIE STRAWS WITH SEA SALT.  Go get them.

Our next book is The Race for Paris by Meg Waite Clayton.  We haven’t read a war book for a few months (shocker for us this year, who knew we would have accidentally picked so many war books at the beginning of the year?) and we seem to have some excitement brewing over this book.

the race for paris

What was really cool is that when we mentioned on facebook that we would be reading this book, the author commented on it!

meg post.jpg

meg response


How cool was THAT?

Join us on Monday, September 26 at 1pm as we read The Race For Paris by our Meggie (we can call her “our Meggie” now that we are chums, right?).

B&N had a recent sale on this book so some of you may have purchased it for your Nook for $1.99 or something like that.  If you want to get an ebook from the library, be aware there is a hold waiting list on it.  But you can put your name to the list HERE.

If you want to check it out from MeL, go HERE.

If you want to own a copy, you can choose Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Any way you get a book, just be sure to join us for the fun discussion on Monday, September 26.  All you have to do is show up.  But it does help if you have read the book and having something to share with us to eat is always nice too.

(For regular updates, check out the library website or be sure to follow along on Facebook, where we do most of our communicating.)



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Book Club Reads Girl Runner

Our summer reading theme for book club is books that have a sports theme and we continued that this week Monday with Girl Runner by Carrie Snyder.

girl runner

We have some runners in Book Club so we were pretty excited about this book.

As the writer of this blog post, I am going to straight up admit I did not read this book.  I heard a few of the book clubbers talking about it and I figured it was a good book for me to skip.  And I was sorta into another book (book lover problems).  What I have learned about this book was that it was about a “Dysfunctional family with a capital D” (said one of our book clubbers) and while nearly everyone who read it didn’t like it, they actually ended up liking it.

Does that make sense?

They said the author was a phenomenal writer and she did a wonderfully impressive job pulling all the loose ends together and weaving them all together to make the full picture of the novel.

Our reader who loves to run, she just loves running so much, loved all the running parts in the book.  “She had to run and I understood that” she explained to us.  That Aggie ran for a Chocolate factory made the story all the better.  And the entire men didn’t want women to be better than men really got her riled up and she had a lot to say about that opinion in the book.

One reader who doesn’t like stories like this one, began the book and had to pretty much read it all the way through.  She said she just kept the kleenex box next to her.

The biggest dislike of the book was they never knew what time frame they were reading it.  There is a lot of switch between present and past and some of the readers had a hard time keeping that straight.  Okay, really all the readers had this problem.  They understood why it was there but it was tough book to put down and then later pick back up because you had no idea where you were.

The biggest like of this book was Aggie as an elderly woman fully able to realize what was going on around her and yet not being able to communicate.  Everyone enjoyed that.

The question all the readers wanted to know is if Carrie (the author) really was from Canada.  Yes, she is!  You can follow her blog Obscure Canlit Mama.

I tell you all this so you know that while I did not read the book I was able to completely enjoy our Book Club discussion.

And while I sort of wished I had read the book I am mostly glad I did not.  I do, however, want to see what other books she has written and maybe look at (even read all the way through!) one of those.  Because pretty sure I got the majority of this book and can go my-merry-didn’t-read-a-sad-book-way.

Our next book is House Calls and Hitching Posts.

house calls and hitching posts.jpg

We own this book so ordering it to read for Book Club requires you to order the large print edition.  You can order it from MeL HERE and it will show up here at the library where you will pick it up and return it just like any other of our books.

Bring a dish to pass on Monday, August 22nd at 1pm to join in the fun discussions we have at Book Club.  Because don’t conversations go better when food is involved?

Come on out to the library to join the fun!

bookclub 16.jpg

Book Club on June 2016




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Book Club with Susie Finkbeiner

Book Club with Susie Finkbeiner


Book Club was extra special on April 18th because we had author Susie Finkbeiner visited us at the library to talk with us about our book for the month, A Cup of Dust.

It was so delightful to sit with the author and let her know that we loved the book, find out how she named her characters, how she did her research and then it’s always great to say WHAT WERE YOU THINKING in particular parts of the book and add our requests to be mentioned for the sequel.

Alice spoiled us with her beautiful tea set (you can see part of it in the photo above) and we had one of our favorite former book clubbers surprise us when she arrived unannounced from Traverse City in time for Book Club!

The sun was shining, the trees were budding, the food was delicious and the conversation just kept rolling that special Monday.  We truly cannot thank Susie enough for driving out to visit us.  We cannot wait for book number two and we will be sure to schedule a chat with her in the future!

a cup of dust 2

For our next book club meeting, we will be discussing Romey’s Place by James Calvin Schaap on Monday, May 23 at 1pm.

romey's place

This book is available through MeL.  Book Clubbers books have already been ordered but you can easily order it through the MeL link and have it delivered to the library or call us and we are happy to order it for you.

Because A Cup of Dust was not a book that was available on MeL for our Book Club and we ended up buying copies on our own, I thought I would look up what it would cost to purchase Romey’s Place as an e-book.  It’s currently quite reasonable!  If you would like to purchase it for KINDLE it is 2.99 and for NOOK it is 3.99.   Having a book on an e-reader is rather handy we discovered and it was wonderful that A Cup Of Dust went on sale the month of book club for a mere 99 cents.  We’d like to think Susie did that just for all of Book Club (haha!)  but it was such a nice option for so many of us.

If you would like to keep up with what we are reading at Book Club, we have all our upcoming books on our blog with links to MeL ordering for each one.  Even if you cannot make book club, it is fun to read a book along with others.  We are always happy to have new people visit our Book Club group.  It is always changing and the friendships this little book club has brought about is truly a beautiful gift.



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Upcoming Events

We have some upcoming events that you may want to put on your calendar or add to your phone.

Village Orders for Martin T-shirts are due on February 5th.  You can order your t-shirts here, the Martin Village, or the school.


We will be keeping our puzzle up in the front Community Room.  It’s so fun when a group of friends come in and work on the puzzle together!


In February we will be bringing back Blind Date With a Book.

blind date with a book 2013

The Blind Date with a book was last done in 2014 (we think, our years run together sometimes.  Does that happen with anyone else?).  But it’s basically this…instead of judging a book by it’s cover, you are going to judge it by it’s description.  And it’s a pretty short description at that!

blind date 2

You check a book out based on just this.

We encourage you to tag us in photos on facebook so we all can join in the fun of your blind date!  Who knows, maybe checking out a book you don’t normally choose will end up being your favorite new author or new series to read!

On Saturday, February 13th we will be doing something VERY SPECIAL here at the library.  Stay tuned for more information on that come Monday.  But make sure you keep some time between 9am and 1pm free for this special something.

On Saturday, February 15th, we will be having Book Club in the Front Community Room.  We will be discussing Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner. If you click the title’s name, it will take you to where you can order it on MeL. 22544024.jpgIf you want to keep up with the happenings of Book Club or know what books are coming up to read along with us even if you cannot make it to our Monday Book Club, here is our READING LIST.  We also have an entire page dedicated to Book Club here on the blog site. And when in doubt what to talk about it Book Club, just know we always fall back to our favorite current subject – Downton Abbey.

The Teen Council will be meeting on February 22nd to discuss the book Can You Survive The Wilderness.  It is a choose your own ending book and we are looking forward to the fun conversations this book sparks.

can you survive the wilderness

Monday or Tuesday the February newsletter should be uploaded/printed and we’ll have all these dates and much much more for you to read about.  We wanted to give you a bit of a teaser before the weekend.  Talk to you again next week!


Book Club

The Book Club has an entire list of books they will be reading this year.  You can find the books as well as the dates the group will be gathering to share food and thoughts on the book HERE on our website.

On January 25th at 1pm we will be discussing The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.

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Library Construction Has Begun!

Today we arrived to work at the library to see trucks and men and most of the bricks gone from the front of the library.  CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN!

As many of you know, the library had a car crash into it on April 28th.  You can read about it and see the photos of that day here. To clear up any confusion, we here at the library are not in charge of the construction.  The township takes care of all of that for us. They make all the decisions and we will report what they have decided!

Construction day arrived on the day of Book Club and Teen Council, much like the day the crash occurred!  It seemed fitting somehow that crash day and construction day would be our busy Book Club/Teen Council day.





Alicia and Denise got really creative at making what do with what we had and Alice felt the day deserved something extra special so we had a tea party to the tune of banging hammers and shovels scraping concrete.


Our staff bathroom/store room has now become a kitchen. When you need tea and coffee regularly, you make sure you can get to them!

Alice’s tea at book club was a big hit and we had a great turn out of people (and food!).


Look at all the yummy food and beautiful tea!


Work counter was turned into the tea making center. What great tea!

After our Book Club’s tough read of Middlemarch by George Elliot, everyone seemed to be pretty excited for our next book for Book Club.  We had a lot of requests for October’s book about the Salem Witch Trails.


The Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner

The tea party gave the Book Club inspiration and they worked out an entire year worth of books.  Tea apparently makes us very organized and proper.  Or maybe it was the delicious food.  Anyhow, bookmarks are being made and will soon be available with our reading list for Book Club for 2016.

Teen Council arrived after school and were happy to devour food, drink a lot of soda and catch up.  We discussed all their upcoming activities now until June 2016.  Teens, click this link to know how to pack your shoebox. The teens also found a book to read for thier upcoming Book Talk.

All in all, BUSY day at the library today and this is exactly what we love to see at our library!


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Murder on the Orient Express #BookClub

Join us for Book Club on Monday, March 23rd at 1pm.  We will probably discuss in part Great Expectations as we all did not meet our great expectations if finishing that great novel.   The true subject of our Book Club this month will be Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.

Some of us have never read this famous writer and are looking forward getting caught up in one of her most popular titles.  There is a pretty star stacked movie you can watch as well, it even has a young old Sean Connery!!

Of course, the book is ALWAYS better so you truly don’t want to miss the experience of reading this mystery, trying to solve it and then watching the movie to see how it stacks up.

We meet in the front room of the library and most of us bring a dish of food to pass.  We try to get something that was mentioned in the book but if nothing trips our fancy, well, we just bring what sounds good!  It’s always more fun to discuss books over food and tea.

If you would like more information on this fun time, contact the library and we will fill you in!

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