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Welcome, Abbie!

Welcome, Abbie!

Warm welcomes to our new Librarian Assistant, Abbie LaFountaine!


Abbie is a graduate of Martin High School and is currently finishing her Associates degree in Business. Abbie says she is so thankful and very excited to begin her job here at the library. In her spare time she spends time with her family and her dog, manages Abbie LaFountaine Photography and enjoys playing music on her guitar and mandolin. Stop in and welcome Abbie to our library family!

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The Library is Hiring!

The library is hiring a Librarian Assistant!


You can find out the job description on our website HERE.

Denise posted her reason for leaving on” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>facebook.  Did you get a chance to see it?

While we are sad to see Miss Denise leave we are happy for her family and for her on the new change.

It does, however, mean we need someone new to come work at the library!

If you are at all interested, please stop in to the library to talk with Alicia or email us at love my library at live dot com.  It’s a fun place to work, very flexible schedule and is offering $10 an hour for 20 hours a week of work.

Library Hours:

Monday 12-7

Tuesday 10-5 (Toddler Time day!0

Wednesday 10-5

Thursday Closed

Friday 10-5

Saturday 9-1

Sunday Closed

You would be required to work two or three Saturdays a month and in the summer our Saturdays and Mondays are very busy days with the Summer Reading Program and Teen Council.

Stop in and find out more about this great job in our wonderful community!



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Last Week for Applications

The Library is Hiring!

We think our library is one of the most fun loving place to work in our community and now someone else can come join in the fun!

We are looking for a Library/Technology Aide. While schooling would be beneficial, we are primarily looking for someone who is willing to learn and can work well with adults and children.

Start date would be November 13th for 14 hours a week at $9 an hour for starting wage. Email resumes with a cover letter to Alicia by October 20 at lovemylibrary at live dot com. Find job description here at our website.



The Library is Hiring!

The Library is Hiring!

We think our library is one of the most fun loving place to work in our community and now someone else can come join in the fun!

We are looking for a Library/Technology Aide. While schooling would be beneficial, we are primarily looking for someone who is willing to learn and can work well with adults and children.

Start date would be November 13th for 14 hours a week at $9 an hour for starting wage. Email resumes with a cover letter to Alicia by October 20 at lovemylibrary at live dot com. Find job description here at our website.

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Finding Fogo, Part 3

Finding Fogo, Part 3



First Steam Tractor


In the second part of our search for Fogo, our time machine brought us to Monteith Station in the year 1895.  We were still unable to find out who or what Fogo is so we decided to continue our search in another part of the township.  As I have said in the previous installments, Fogo is actually a part of our township’s history that was found in a very obscure document while conducting  research  on our county.

The J.C. Wheeler Public Library in Martin and the Allegan County Historical Society have joined together to answer the question “What or who is Fogo?”  Over the past few months, we have been making a journey around the Township of Martin searching for Fogo, and along the way, we have discovered and explored the history of Martin Township since its inception in 1836.

If you already know the answer, PLEASE DO NOT POST IT!  Let us not ruin the suspense of this historic journey for the rest of the history travelers. So, let us jump in our time machine and hop through time and across our township to learn about the people, places and interesting facts that make our community such a fantastic place to live today.

In our previous installment, we programed our time machine to bring us to Section 36 of our township in the year 1913. As we get out of the time machine, we look around and see a lot of black smoke filling the air. We have arrived at a place that appears to have just had a very large fire.  The Sun and the blue sky are masked by the layer of smoke that fills the air.  The fire has burned itself out, but the remains of what used to be a small village still smolders. Men stand on what used to be dirt road streets and stare at what appears to be several buildings that were overcome by fire.

Village of Hooper c1895

This was a sight seen too often in towns throughout the United States. None of the men are speaking.  They are just staring and wondering what has happened.  As we look around, we realize that we need  to make sure we are in the right place and the right time.  We see train tracks leading to one of the few buildings left standing in the distance.  Let’s walk to the building and see if it can get an answer our question.  As we walk toward the building we see a sign posted on the train track side of the building.  The sign reads “Hooper.”  This is the train station for the Village of Hooper that was located in Section 36 of the township.  That means this is the Michigan Central rail line, and we have made it to our destination.  Now we need to try and find Fogo.  If it was here in Hooper, has it survived the fire?  We will need to walk around and try and find some clues.

As we walk around to the other side of the train depot we see a man sitting on the steps by himself staring at the remains of the village.  His clothes are dirty with the soil of the fields.  His face has been browned by the Sun.  It is a look only a person who works in the fields all day could get.  As we approach him, he wipes the sweat off of his brow.  “Excuse me, sir.  We are not from this area and we were wondering if you have heard of or seen something called Fogo?” “Fogo?” The man says.  “No, don’t think I have.” “So, how much damage did the fire cause?” I ask.  “Almost the whole village is gone. About the only thing left is this depot.  The saw mill, dry goods store, warehouse, post office and most of the homes are gone now.  I think this is the end of my little town.” “Have you lived here long?” I ask. “Yes, I founded the town in 1890. My name is William H. Hooper. ”  He looks down at the ground and says “I thought this village would last longer than 23 years.”  With that clue, we all look at each other knowing that we have made it to 1913.  He looks up at us and says “ You know, even with my Village of Hooper burning down, I have had a very successful life. When I moved to Gun Plain Township with my father at the age of 12 from New York, I worked hard and took advantage of all my opportunities.  I started this village here in Martin Township. I am a successful farmer and I have a successful business selling threshers and farm machinery.  Heck, I even brought the very first steam engine that was used for farming into the county.” He stares off into the distance and then says “ I really do love this community here in Martin.  I think serving your community is important, too.  I have served as the highway commissioner, drain assessor and ran as a Democrat for County Sheriff twice.”  He chuckles a little and says “With all of these Republicans in this area, a guy like me doesn’t stand a chance in politics.  I think that whole Village of Monteith is nothing but Republicans!”  He laughs for a second and then says “Fogo, you know, now that I think about it, I think I heard someone say something about Fogo at one of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows meetings in Martin Corners a few months back.  I think I heard someone say something about Fogo and James Redpath and that it had been over 50 years.  I wasn’t really listening to the conversation, so that is all I can remember.”

Well, this is the best clue we have gotten so far!  Let us get in our time machine and program  Martin Corners, 1855 into the computer and see if we are able to finally solve the mystery of Who or What is Fogo?


(Writer’s Comment)  After the September, 1913 fire, The Village of Hooper never rebuilt and by 1916, the railroad was sold and the depot closed.  That same year, the post office moved to Gun Plain Township marking the official end of the village.


Thanks SO MUCH to Scott Kuykendall for his time on these posts.  To find out more Allegan History, visit the Old Jail Museum in Allegan and be sure to thank Scott for these great posts!


Miss some Finding Fogo posts?

Finding Fogo Part One


Finding Fogo Part Two




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Memorial Donations

Memorial Donations

As so many of you are aware, our little community has been hit with some pretty tough losses in 2016.

With some of these losses, donations were made to the library in memory of some of those who have passed on that loved the library.

It is difficult to decide what to do when you are gifted with money, we realized.  We wanted something that would last, something that would spark conversation and something that we needed.

Well, this is what we ended up with.


As many of you recall, our library was crashed into two years ago.  Yes!  Two years ago!

Don’t remember?  Well, this post may jog your memory.

When the car crashed through the library, the couch that was along the front window literally exploded.  There were parts all over!  That couch was heavy and we feel it probably did a lot to help protect so much in the in the library.

Since then we have not had a “comfy” place for our visitors to the library.  When there are meetings or when we have someone needing to use their own laptops or when we had our tea and scones Jane Austen day, there was no comfy place to relax.

Now there is!


And what a great way to sit and recall with fondness those who have gone on before?  Those who loved our library and who we still miss.  Those who we wish we could have one more chat with, hear one more story from.

These chairs will never replace those we have lost but at least their memory goes on and we can share our memories of them when we are asked about these chairs.


The chairs were purchased from a company that specializes in library furniture.  They are THE company you go to for library furniture such as book carts, book displays, etc.  They have everything you can think of for the library and things you would never think of!  These chairs are that commercial grade quality that should stand up to years upon years of use.  They are also made with a special material that makes them very easy to clean (or so we read!).

Please stop in and take a moment to sit in our new chairs!

And thank you again to all those who donated in the memory of others.


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Summer Festival Weekend!

summerfest lineup.png

The day has finally arrived!  We are so excited for Saturday’s fun!

We will be open the normal business hours of 9-1.  Please be extra kind to Miss Alicia and Miss Regina who will be working and missing out on the town fun times.

The library will be having fun as well with the Kalamazoo Nature Center.  Every time the Nature Center arrives we are always completely impressed with them.  We personally think they do some of the best library programs!  They usually are not ones you can easily jump in and out of so please make sure to be here at 10:30 for the program.  Here is a video from last year’s visit with the Nature Center…

With temps forecast to be in the mid-90’s the library’s cool air will feel great come about 10:30 am!

Summer Reading Info to not forget:  Bring in your reading logs, your program and book reviews.  If you bring in a nonperishable food item for the Allegan County food drive, you will receive one ticket per food item.

Don’t forget, if you want to be in the super fun and silly Doo-Dah parade, line up is at 8:30am and we will be using the same route as Homecoming, just going the opposite way.

doodah parade

Martin is SUCH a fun place to live and we are so looking forward to celebrating what our fun town has to offer this weekend.  Please make plans to join us!


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