Story Times & Crafts Summer Reading

Story Time with Miss Alicia

Read the super fun book, ‘Grumpy Monkey’ written by Suzanne Lang and illustrated by Max Lang.

Don’t forget to sign up for Summer Reading! You can either download the Beanstack App, which you can find in most App stores. Or go to and sign up. We have lots of fun activities and prizes so don’t miss out! Check out our Big Foot Scavenger hunt also! It’s a big hit! Take home crafts coming soon!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Story Times & Crafts Summer Reading

Story Time with Miss Alicia

Start your summer out right! Read ‘Big Chickens’ with Miss Alicia; written by Leslie Helakoski and illustrated by Henry Cole. Summer Reading starts TODAY!
Summer Reading

Summer Reading 2021

Tails & Tales

This summer we are being VERY flexible in our programming.

All programs will be outside, and therefore, dependent on the weather.

Sign up beginning June 1st!

You can sign up on our Beanstack App, online at or get a paper packet from the library. We have some great prizes for you to try to earn, so get ready to start reading!

We also have some fun activities for you to do this summer! You can enter our Name the Library Monkey contest: Here

We are also Hunting for Big Foot this summer. It seems he was spotted here in Martin! More info HERE

AND our Library Monkey has been sneaking out! Help us find out where he’s been going. Find more info HERE

Tentative Schedules:

Programs for Elementary Kids

Saturdays at 10:30am

June 19 – Take & Make Craft

June 26 – Take & Make Craft

July 3 – Take & Make Craft

July 10 – Outdoor Discovery Program

July 17 – John Ball Zoo Program

July 24 – Take & Make Craft

July 31 – Build Your Own Stuffed Animal – REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Limited quantities

August 6 & 7 – Stuffed Animal Sleepover


August 14 – Awards for K-6 & Adults

Programs for Teens

Mondays at 3pm

June 21 – Nerf Gaming with Joel

June 28 – Kickball at the Library

July 12 – Jeopardy

July 19 – Steam Car Kits

July 26 – Take & Make Craft

August 2 – Folded Animal Bookmarks


August 9 – Awards for Teens

Summer Reading

Where’s Our Monkey?

Beginning June 1st!

Our Library Monkey has been sneaking out! Help us find out where he’s been. We will post a different picture of our Monkey every week and you send in your guess as to where he was.

Send your guesses to our email:

Or send a message on Facebook.

Summer Reading

Name our Library Monkey

Beginning June 1st!

Our Library Monkey needs a name!

Come up with an awesome name for our Library Monkey.

Here’s the catch…  we want to hear his back story.  What’s his history and how did he come to be at the library?? 

We’re looking forward to see what everyone comes up with!

¨ Only one entry per person.

¨ This is open to kids grades K-6 and Teens.

¨ The person who turned in the name & history  we choose earns an extra ticket to our extra special summer reading prize!

Summer Reading

Finding Big Foot

Beginning June 1st!

Go on a Hunt for Big Foot this summer in Martin! Follow the clues and you just may find him. You can find your first clue IN the library.

Summer Reading

What Health Looks Like To Me

Summer Reading may be over and the contest for best essay may be over but we still have two more essays to share with you!

What Health Looks Like To Me

I am inspired to live a healthy life style because I don’t like the thought of living in a hospital when I am old.  I believe if I take care of myself now I can avoid future problems down the road.  One way to be healthier is not eating at fast food restaurants.  Eating junk food like that doesn’t always make you feel good and will probably lead to complications later in life.  Another way you could improve your health is by eating more fruits and vegetables.  Although you should have a good among of fruit and vegetables it should not be your entire diet.  Your diet also should consist of a variety of meats, breads and grains.

Activity is also important because it can help your body to function properly.  Some examples of ways to exercise are, jogging, cycling and running.  Sports are another great way to exercise.  Sports are a fun way to get healthy without even realizing you are doing just that.  There are many sports such as soccer, baseball, football, and basketball that keep you constantly moving.  Joining in on group classes can be especially helpful because of the encouragement you can get from others.

Eating healthy and being active can both help your appearance and self-esteem.  Eating better can keep your skin healthy as well as help you loose weight.  Exercising can help you turn the fat into muscle.  Eating healthy and exercising can help you live a longer and better life.  Overall I think that living a healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial to you but to others as well.  Other people that see you living healthily may be inspired to do the same in their own lives.


Here is another essay!


Healthy is a word described to people in different ways.  Some people think that being healthy is not putting on any weight, eating less calories, and exercising.  Some think to be healthy you just need to not eat out at restaurants, or eat everything organic, and natural.  Some think that to be healthy you need to have a good diet; lean meats, steamed vegetables, and even fruit.

“Healthy” is different to each person.  For me, being healthy is not eating out, no brownies, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, chocolates, ice creams, candy or most anything sugary at all.  I don’t like to eat things with HFCS, (high fructose corn syrup) which is basically an artificial sweetener.  I also don’t like to eat foods with big words that you can’t pronounce such as TRISODIUM PHOSOPHATE, MONO-AND DIGLYCERIDES, and XANTHAN GUM.  I figure if you can’t pronounce it, why eat it?  Why eat something you don’t know what it is you’re consuming.

Also, I don’t like to eat things with food coloring.  Red 40, blue 1, yellow 5.  I like to think that I am eating things with their natural color.  I’m not perfect, you can’t find everything made naturally.  The world just isn’t like that today, everything is mass produced in artificially made items.  But I like to think that I’m trying, and it’s making a difference in my life.  Eating right and exercising are what make a healthy lifestyle.

I only started eating like this a year ago, however, it has made my life so much better.  Before I started eating this way, I felt tired and drained easily, eating junk food just didn’t make me feel good.  But now, I feel great and energized, and to me, that’s worth it.

Summer Reading

Keeping Healthy

Another Essay!


Keeping Healthy

Keeping healthy …. these are two little word that used to scare because to me that meant diet and exercise.  Really, I have 4 children and a full time job, when was I ever going to find the time to exercise?  One day I actually sat back and started evaluating my daily routine.  I work third shift, so I would come home at 6:30 am, I would sleep, then I would get up, watch tv, and maybe go to the store with the kids.  I encourage and push my kids to go outside and be active and play, but am I really being a good role model?

One day I took the kids to the library to sign up for the summer reading program, they informed me that there was an adult program also.  I thought great, I love to read!  Then I heard the word EXERCISE program!  I saw my kids looking at me so I signed up.  The very next day my attitude and mentality was different so…I decided to inquire about a gym membership.  Yes, I did it, I enrolled in a gym!  Best decision ever.  I am not saying you have to go to a gym to be healthy; you can be active and healthy at home.  For me it just works out for me, because let’s face it, if I have to pay to go to the gym you better believe that I’m going to be using the membership.  Besides, the library has awesome prizes!

I’ve only been working out for about a week, but I feel great after every work out, it’s an accomplishment.  It’s too soon for major results but, I know I’m headed in the right direction.

It’s never too late to start a workout routine, even if it is just taking a walk.  Being healthy and exercising doesn’t have to be scary or an inconvenience, make it fun, make it YOU!

Summer Reading

My Life, My Future

As this is our last week of Summer Reading (How did that Happen?), the essays are really coming in!  Here is the latest essay received.  We’ll have more essays coming this week, get ready to read a lot of creative essays this week!

Note: Essays are typed or copied just as the author has written them.


My Life, My Future

Why should one be inspired to live a healthy life? Why should one even consider for a moment the fact that we as Americans have become so lazy, so unfit, and so unhealthy? We are missing the endurance to even begin a healthy journey. There are many reasons we give as to why we can’t begin living healthy. “I’m too busy.”, “I am too tired.”, or “I don’t want to get up early.” There are many more out there, and I can attest to many of them. Life can become so busy that we forget to acknowledge the fact that we as humans need to take care of our body. Our bodies are like cars…they need fuel, aka heathy food. Fueling our bodies with the necessary nutrition and proteins is only half the battle. We also need to drive our cars, aka move and exercise. Our bodies are required to move in order to be healthy! This means you should be training your body to become fit, stronger, and healthier.

What does a healthy life look like to me? The body is healthy, not being fueled with junk, tons of sugar, or other unhealthy food. They are also active, keeping their bodies moving. This does not mean they won’t have days where they are sore and don’t want to exercise. But the very best accomplishment is when keep going and push your body to the limit in order to experience the accomplishment in being fit and healthy.

Why am I inspired to live a healthy, active life? The first reason is because THIS is the body I was given, and you are only given one body. ONE. 1 Corinthians 6:19 says that our bodies are the temples of God. Ultimately, it is my choice to make my body healthy. I also have the DESIRE to live a healthy life. I want to be the one people admire because of my strength and persistence, to change the perspective of myself mentally and physically. I want to be healthy in order to be harder, better, faster, and stronger, to prove that I finish what I start, to love my body for what it can do rather than what it looks like. I want to be healthy to overcome the voice in my head that says I can’t. This does not mean I will not have days I fail. This does not mean I will not have days I am sick of it and want to quit. But at the end of the day, MY health is MY responsibility, and I am willing to take a stand – to change my life and my future by striving to become the very best version of myself that I can be in a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Summer Reading

Living a healthy lifestyle means exercising and eating well

Another “Why are you inspired to live a healthy active life?” essay has arrived.  Here it is!

Note: Essays are either copy pasted or typed out just as the author has written them.


Why I am inspired to live a healthy, active life and what it looks like to me

Living a healthy lifestyle means exercising and eating well.  I love to exercise and I try to eat healthy every day.  Why do we exercise?  I mean sometimes it can be a pain in the neck.  We do it because we like to stay fit and be healthy.  We also do it because sports are fun.  Basketball, softball, baseball, football and track are all sports that require exercise.  Sometimes when you are playing them you don’t even realize you are exercising.  Why do we eat healthy?  I don’t like some vegetables and I would prefer a bowl of cheese puffs over a bowl of carrots.  Some reasons  we exercise, to stay fit and be healthy.  Not all foods that are good for you taste bad like chicken is good and that has protein or milk, it has calcium.

Some things I do to live a healthy life is having a smoothie instead of a pop tart for breakfast or drinking water instead of pop.  For lunch instead of McDonald’s or pizza try baby spinach and grapes.  Other things you can do to stay healthy are exercise every day like before you take a shower in the morning or at night.  Find a friend and take a zumba class or run/walk with them.  When you have a smoothie for breakfast, spinach for lunch, chicken for dinner, water the whole day, and exercised for at least 60 minutes at the of the day you feel good.

Another healthy thing that a lot of people forget is your body needs 8 hours or more or sleep each night.  A few random healthy things I will throw in here are:  Eat yogurt (that has less than 15 grams of sugar) for a snack because the tings that are in yogurt are vitamins that get bad bacteria out and make more good bacteria, drink warm water because when we drink cold water our body works more to regulate our body temperature and and less time revving up our metabolism.  One last but important thing to remember dark leafy vegetables are great.  They have lots of key vitamins and minerals that we don’t get in other every day foods.