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One Snowy Rescue

One Snowy Rescue

It was rain and dreariness and a bit of fogginess outside but it was all snowmen delight and laughter inside the library.

Toddler Time started a bit sleepy dreary but once the songs began, the fun began and these kiddos had a lot of fun today!

Dear Old McDonald had a hard time getting animals for his farm today. I think the thinkers may have been a bit sleepy to begin with. But Farmer McDonald ended up having a Horse, a T-Rex and a Cow on his farm.

They sang Five Little Monkeys and If You Are Happy And You Know It and Head And Shoulders Knees and Toes and a whole lot of other songs as well.

The story was One Snowy Rescue. Be sure to check this book out, it has touchable pictures throughout the book.

One Snowy Rescue

The craft was one we were excited to try but wondered how it would go over. You take equal parts shaving cream and glue and a whole lot of glitter. You have to keep the mixture refrigerated and that was funny to see in the fridge because it kept taking us by surprise.



Here is a link to the website we found the mix at. We found the idea on pinterest. We find almost all our ideas on pinterest. You should follow us! Send us some ideas!


After that fun craft, it was time for snack but the tables were so full of sticky gooey snow that we had a picnic on the floor instead. That meant getting toys out was more difficult and we ended up with toys everywhere but we just rolled with it and it went well.


Join us next week for Toddler Time! We meet on Tuesdays every week. We begin at 10:30 with coloring, singing begins at 10:45 followed by story time, craft time, snack time and play time. Contact us if you need more info.


Thanks for coming out in the rain to make a fun Tuesday!

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Bear Can’t Sleep Toddler Time

Bear Can’t Sleep Toddler Time

Toddler Time kicked off again today! Woohoo!!!!

And kudos to the parent who knew we’d need some coffee today. THANK YOU!!!!!!


We attempted our first facebook live video. We’ll see if we can get some more. Photos are awesome but sometimes a video is kind of grand too.

Our group seemed a bit sleepy today and we really had to work to get our dear Old MacDonald’s farm put together. Usually we have too many options for the man, but today we had a kitty, a duck and a horse.

Lots of singing.

Then we had a VERY entertaining bear book. Miss Alicia had great voices today for the story. Miss Alicia is awesome.


Here is a link to the book…

Craft was a bear face. Cute and easy.

Then it was animal crackers for snack and lots of play time with the trains.


Next week we celebrate Groundhog’s Day and we have a very special craft for that. Groundhog Day is kind of a big day around the library.

Want to join us?  We have Toddler Time every Tuesday at 10:30 am.  There is singing, story, craft, snack and play.  Contact the library for more information!

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Dinosaurs Galore!

Dinosaurs Galore!

For Toddler Time we read Dinosaurs Galore!

Twelve Toddlers and Six parents (if we counted correctly) arrived for Story Time on Tuesday. This was a hopping library!


Old MacDonald had himself a kitty, a duckey and a bear on his farm today. There were a lot more songs to sing as well. It’s sooooo nice to have Miss Alicia back. She knows the words to all the songs and she knows the motions to all the songs and Miss Denise kind of sort of doesn’t remember any of them.

Even with a head cold, Miss Alicia still rocked it and Miss Denise used sanitizer like a crazy woman before and after toddler time. We are doing everything we can for you all to stay healthy!

Our book today was called Dinosaurs Galore!


Miss Alicia couldn’t find one dinosaur craft she liked and it being October and all, she decided we needed to make a scarecrow head instead.


They turned out SO CUTE!

Snacks were graham crackers or fruit snacks.

Play time was a busy time!

A few new faces arrived at Toddler Time today and a whole lot of new sign ups happened for our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten – HOORAY!

Join us on Tuesdays at 10:30 am for our Toddler Time here at the library. We have coloring from 10:30-10:45, songs, story, craft, snack and play time. Contact the library with any questions!

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Giraffes Can’t Dance

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Toddler Time kicked back off today after a slight break following Summer Reading. The first day is always all kinds of fun and somewhat sad too because we always miss our toddlers who have moved on to kindergarten.

We had some new faces today! And they were all kinds of excited to learn all about the library.

The toddlers really wanted to see what Miss Alicia was made of because when Old MacDonald had his farm he really wanted an elephant, a zebra and a giraffe. But we compromised with a kitty cat, a cow and a horse.

They sang Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes really really really really fast and kept up!

We had a fun story about a giraffe that can’t dance…or can he?


The craft was a fun giraffe and the snack was crackers.

Then the toys came out and new kids found what an adventure they were!

Tuesday Toddler Times are back and the library was full of all their energy today!

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Beach Day for Toddler Time

Today at Toddler Time, Old McDonald had a cute little kitty cat, a pecky chicken and a roaring dinosaur.

The song that seemed to be the biggest hit of the day was Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Who knew that would be a favorite? It was fun listening to them sing it!

Our book today was Beach Day by Karen Roosa.

Beach Day

Cute caterpillars were made, snack was eaten and toys were played with. It was a good Library beach day.


How cute is he?


All ready to make a craft!


“Mamma called the doctor and the doctor said, ‘No more monkeys jumping on the bed!'”


Finished craft!


Capturing her smile always cracks us up!


How fun to have her visit today!

Toddler Time SRP 2016


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Hiccupotamus Toddler Time


On the day after the Fourth of July, some sleepy librarians greeted some happy toddlers to the library for a fun Hiccupotamus day.

There was singing and the dear old MacDonald had a bit of a quiet day on the farm with his kitty, sheep and chicken.

But when it came time to sing Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes Miss Alicia had to tell the very excited group that perhapes they had too high of expectations of how fast they could really go. Lots of giggles today on that silly song.

The story was cute and delightful.

The craft was bright and yummy. Yes, Yummy! Who can resist marshmallow “teeth”? Special thanks to the boys who rushed fresh soft marshmallows to us this morning so the toddlers didn’t have to do their craft with stale marshmallows.

We hope that the toddlers had a great day and that their imaginations had fun today! Kids imaginations are great!!!

Join us next week Tuesday at 10:30 for Toddler Time!


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The Full Moon at the Napping House

Tuesday Toddler Time found our toddlers VERY EXCITED. We aren’t sure how a rainy day makes them so excited, but they were today and we wish we had a tiny bit of their energy.

There was a LOT of singing today. They really liked their song super fast! And dear Old MacDonald had such a sweet sounding farm – a horse, a kitty…and then a rapetosaurus dinosaur.

These kids’ imaginations rock.

Our book for the day was very appropriate. The very first line is “There is a house, a full-moon house, where everyone is restless.” You can check this book out here at the library. We have it set up in our birthday books display.

The Full Moon at the Napping House

The toddlers made their very last Miss Nan craft as Miss Nan will be retiring this month. Her retirement party is May 14 from 9am-1pm. It didn’t take long for the toddler’s to decided that having this for a necklace would be way more fun and so Miss Alicia made that happen for them.

We only have one more week until Toddler Time is done for our late spring break. We will be back for Toddler Time on June 21!