Meet the Staff

Library Director, Alicia Kershaw, has been pouring her heart into the library since December 2006 when she worked over in the old historic library. She became Director in September 2007 and was an integral part of moving into our “new” location. She enjoys the friendships she shares with the patrons and doing her part to help the Martin community. Toddler Time just may be her favorite library special every week.  In her spare time, Alicia enjoys spending time with her family, cheering on any Martin team and running her three plus miles a day.

Alicia Kershaw, Library Director

Assistant Director, Sara, is a new addition to our library family. Sara Denzel grew up in East Martin. She spent almost a decade in San Antonio, TX  working as an English teacher and loves reading and writing. She is back in East Martin now with her two teenagers, where she serves her church as a worship leader.

Sara Denzel, Assistant Director

Library/Technology Aide, Tamie Gregersen, joined the library in fall of 2017.  Tamie is a great one to go to with all those questions about emails, facebook and other internet related problems. Tamie has also taken over our Saturday programs and our lucky youngsters get to benefit from her super crafty skills! Tamie LOVES her family and likes nothing better than spending time with them.

Tamie Gregersen, Library/Technology Aide

Courtney Griffis, the newest member of the Martin Library team, joined just this fall as a Library Aide. Courtney grew up in the Martin area and has attended the Martin Library as a patron for as long as she can remember. She is a full time college student, avid musician, and loves anything Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. 

Courtney Griffis, Library Aide